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"Don't have a party without me!"

Alexander P. Tureaud

The first African-American to graduate from Louisiana State University and founder of the Louis A. Martinet Legal Society, Tureaud was one of the architects of the modern Civil Rights Movement in America and helped break the system of segregation in Louisiana.


photo of  Mr. T

Mr. T 

Birth Name: Lawrence Tureaud
Birthdate: May 21, 1952
Birthplace: Chicago, IL
Occupations: Actor, Athlete
Quote: "I pity the fool!"

Claim to Fame: 
1983: The A-Team. For five seasons, Mr. T played Sgt. B.A. ("Bad Attitude") Barracus, becoming a tubeland icon.
Raised by his mother.
He is the second to youngest of twelve children (he has four sisters and seven brothers).
He had a daughter in 1971 with Phyllis Clark.
Twice named America's Toughest Bouncer.
Dunbar Vocational High School

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