Delgado-Rice House


1220 Philip Street

Large frame Italianate house built for a creole lady, Mrs. Augustin Tureaud, Samuel Delgado, a sugar broker, purchased it in 1868. Isaac Delgado, his nephew, lived here and formed the art collection which was donated to the city in 1911. It was upon this collection that the Delgado Museum was established. (Now called the New Orleans Museum of Art.)


Benjamin F. Tureaud, grandson of Emanuel Bringier and the son of Judge Augustin Dominique Tureaud, was a sugarcane planter of Ascension Parish and St. James Parish, La.  He operated a plantation store and conducted business under the name of Benjamin Tureaud & Co.  He had two sons, Benjamin and Henri, and a daughter Aglae with his wife, Marie Elizabeth Aglae Bringier, daughter of Michel Doradou Bringier and Louise Elizabeth Aglae DuBourg de Ste Colombe. Tureaud died Dec. 5, 1883, at the age of sixty-five.


Acadian Flag Sieur de la Roque 1752 Census for Prince Edward Island/Ile Saint Jean

TUREAUD (Acadia-1741 France-1728 LA-1803 HamiltonOntario-1852 TX)
Page 13 - Prince Edward Island

Census of Anse au Sanglier....
François Tureaud, poor, nailer, not having the means of buying the requisites to work at his native trade, native of the parish of Saint Pierre du Doy, in Engou, aged 24 years, he has been two years in this country. Married to Catherine Douaron, native of l'Acadie, aged 35 years.

8- Catherine Doiron  b: 19 May 1709  St. Charles-aux-Mines, Grand Pre, Acadia; d: 14 December 1784  St. Ours, Quebec           

                        +Francois Turcot  b: Abt. 1718  St. Pierre, Anjou, France; m: Abt. 1740  Acadia; d 6 August 1789

 Notes for Catherine Doiron:

- 1752 Ile St. Jean census (Anse au Sanglier): Francois Tureaud, poor, nailer, not having the means of buying the requisites to work at his native trade, native of the parish of Saint Pierre du Doy, in Engou, aged 24 years, he has been two years in this country. Married to Catherine Douaron, native of l'Acadie, aged 35 years. They have four children, three sons and one daughter: Annaclet, aged 9 years, Jean Baptiste, aged 7 years, Francois, aged 3 years, Marie Joseph, aged 11 years.  In live stock they have one pig and twelve fowls or chickens. They hold their land upon verbal permission of Monsieur de Bonnaventure. On it they have made a clearing for a large garden.         


They have four children, three sons and one daughter:-

Annaclet, aged 9 years.
Jean Baptiste, aged 7 years.
François, aged 3 years.
Marie Joseph, aged 11 years.

In live stock they have one pig and twelve fowls or chickens.

They hold their land upon verbal permission of Monsieur de Bonnaventure. On it they have made a clearing for a large garden.


. Marie Élisabeth Aglaé BRINGIER et Michel TUREAUD Née le 17 janvier 1830, elle épousa son cousin Louis Michel TUREAU, copropriétaire de la plantation Tezcuco. Ils eurent trois enfants : - Aglaé ax William BROOKS; bx Georges PARKS - Benjamin, s.p. - Henri, s.p.


Tezcuco Plantation, 1860. Tezcuco was built in 1860 by Benjamin Tureaud, who maried his cousin Elizabeth AglaŠ Bringier, the daughter of Michel Doradou Bringier.

The Bringier-Tureaud Union Story

New Orleans Death Index
Daily Picayune


38 Y


12/21/1870 P 4, C 4


28 Y


12/25/1870 P 4, C 3

  Honorine Anne Tureaud, residing in Altadena, CA. Is the daughter of Emile Felix Tureaud, niece of Alex Pierre Tureaud (brother to Emile)
submitted by Carla Esnard, Altadena, CA


Mayors of New Orleans
Etienne de BorÈ

City Council
Le Breton des Chapelles; J. Livaudais, Sr.; Petit Cavelier; Villere; Jones, Sr.; Fortier, Sr.; Donaldson; Faurie; Allard. Jr.; A.D. Tureaud, J. N. Watkins; Pierre Petit, W. E. Hulings; Caricks (Carigue, Carridk); Le Breton D’Orgenois, Samuel Winter; T. Poree; James Pitot.

Births and deaths of Tureauds
Source: Louisiana Archives 3851 Essen Lane P.O. Box 94125 Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9125

Name age DOD
Tureaud Theodore 55 yrs M W 11/09/1845
Tureaud Anna Athenaise 17 mos 1/31/1876
Tureaud Evelina De Truxillo 42 yrs F 2/7/1876
Tureaud Ethel Huntington  93  05-23-2001 
Tureaud J 50 yrs 05/17/1875
Tureaud George  13 mos 12/26/1874
Tureaud Carmelite  52 yrs C 8/7/1866 
Tureaud Eugenie  15 days W 12/15/1879
Fagot Marie Eugenie Tureaud  52 yrs  F W 07/24/1878
Tureaud Sarah Payne   81 03-25-1999 
Tureaud Marie Josephine 4 mos F  4/18/1876



Name Birth year Father 1st name Mother
Tureaud Jules Joseph 1900  Robert L Corinne M Deluzain
Tureaud Alexander 1899 Louis Eugenie Dejan
Tureaud Viola 1897 Robert L Corinne Deluzain
Tureaud Corinne 1896 F C 01/17/1896 Louis Eugenie Dejan 
Tureaud Joseph Raoul 1896 M W 06/19/1896 Robert L. Corinne M. Deluzain
Tureaud Leonce 1850 M C 7/9/1850 ? Theodorine Tureaud 
Tureaud Olivia 1852 F C 06/06/1852 ? Theodorine Tureaud 
Tureaud Octave 1858 M C 4/30/1858 August Baquie Theodorine Tureaud 
Tureaud Claire Evelina 1851 F W 09/29/1851 Joseph Theodore Evelina Damase Truxillo
Tureaud Adolph Joseph 1890 M C 09/09/1890 Louis Eugenie Dejan
Tureaud Marie Josephine 1875 F - 12/14/1875  Joseph T. Ebelina Truxillo
Tureaud Marie Louise 1890 F C 09/09/1890 Louis Eugenie Dejan
Tureaud Carmen Louise 1893 F C 03/05/1893 Louis Eugenie DeJan
Tureaud Edward 1892 M C 02/08/1892 Louis Eugenie Dejan
Tureaud Mary Ethel 1898 Joseph  Effie Moss
Olivier Anita  1896 F C 01/21/1896 Robert R. Mary Tureaud
Oliver Alberta 1883 F W 05/01/1883 Robert Mary Tureaud
Oliver Julia 1889 F C 01/04/1889 Robert  Mary Tureaud 
Eshman Mary Louisa 1884 F W 06/28/1884 Anthony Amelia Tureaud
Jourdan Louise Evelina  1885 F W 01/08/1885 Adelard T. Florestine Tureaud
Jourdan Adelard J. 1887 M W 11/19/1887 Adelard T. Florestine M. Tureaud 
Jourdan Marie Stella Evelina  1882 F W 02/04/1882 Adelart Theodore Floristine Marie Tureaud
Jourdan Robert Sidney 1892 M W 06/06/1892 Adelaid T. Florestine M. Tureaud 
Jourdan Joseph Tureaud 1883 M W 06/10/1883 Adelard T. Florestine Tureaud
Jourdan Florestine Marie 1870 F - 10/10/1870 Adelard  Florestine Tureaud
Jourdan Adelard Theodore  1852 M W 06/05/1852 Adelard Florestine Tureaud
Jourdan Marie Julie 1850 F W 8/15/1850 Adelaid Florestine Tureaud
Trepagnier Josewph Aristide 1891 M W 07/14/1891 Aristide C Nina Tureaud
Tureaud Anne Joseph Felix 1877 M - 03/19/1877 Louis Theodore  Anne Maxence Eugenie
Tureaud Mary Victoria 1897  4/21/1897 Louis Eugenie Dejan

 Tureaud, Robert Lee Jr 06-12-2000
 Submitted by Darnell Brunner

 Tureaud, Robert Lee Jr 06-12-2000 Robert Lee Tureaud, Jr at Ochsner Foundation Hospital, on Monday, 06-12-2000 at 7:15 A.M. Beloved husband of Ethel Huntington Tureaud. Father of Robert 'Bob' Lee Tureaud III and Michael 'Mickey' Huntington Tureaud. Brother of the late Ralph and Jules Tureaud and Viola T. Hizzason. Also survived by 8 Grandchildren and 4 Great-Grandchildren. Age 94 years. A native of New Orleans and a resident of Metairie for the past 12 years. Private Funeral Services were held from the MidTown Funeral Home of P. J. McMAHON & SONS, 4800 CANAL STREET on Thursday, 06-15, 15-2000 at 2:00 P.M followed by interment in Hope Mausoleum. Times Picayune 06-16-2000


Assumption Parish, LA 1860 Federal Census
12 82 82 Tureaud J.F. 35 m store keeper 3,000 Louisiana 
13 82 82 Tureaud Evelina 28 f Louisiana 
14 82 82 Tureaud Clair 6 f Louisiana 
15 82 82 Tureaud Joseph 5 m Louisiana 
16 82 82 Tureaud Florestine 3 f Louisiana 
17 82 82 Tureaud Mathilda 1 f Louisiana 
18 82 82 Tureaud Theodore 32 m clerk

"A Cavalryman's Reminiscences of the Civil War" by Howell Carter abt 1900

JOSEPH TUREAUD of New Orleans was married to EVELINA TRUXILLO of Assumption on Saturday night, 14 Dec. 1850, at the residence of CAPT. C. DALFERES by the Reverend Abbe MASNOU.

Tureaud Theodore merchant 31 St. Louis 1822

TUREAUD Ethel Huntington Tureaud at John's Community Hospital, Taylor, Texas on Wednesday, May 23, 2001 at 1:20 A.M. Beloved wife of the late Robert L. Tureaud, Jr. Mother of Rob- ert ""Bobby'' L. Tureaud, III and Michael "Mickey' H. Tureaud. Sister of the late Lloyd W. Huntington, Muriel H. Jones-Fischer, and Elaine H. Allen. Daughter of the late Leah Ar- laud Huntington and Benjamin W. Huntington. Also survived by Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren. Age 93 years. A native of New Orleans, LA., and a resident of Met- airie, LA. Relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend the Graveside Services to be held on Friday, June 1, 2001 at 10:00 A.M. in Hope Mausoleum, 4841 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA. P.J. McMAHON & SONS FUNERAL HOME in charge of arrangments.

CONFEDERATE PENSION APPLICATION RECORD:INDEX Tabony - Tyson Donated by the Louisiana State Archives  TUREAUD, LOUIS T. CP1.140

Louisiana Plantation


The Beginnings of LA Plantations
Plantation agriculture in Louisiana dates to the early 1700s when the territory was a French colony. After abortive attempts to populate the colony by emptying France's prisons and slums into Louisiana, large tracts were offered to men who would bring in tenants to work the land. But only those who were able to get enough slaves succeeded. By the end of the 1790s, the invention of the cotton gin and the discovery of a way to granulate sugar from Louisiana's sugar cane firmly established the system of cultivating a single crop on large estates as a means to riches and power.

Pre-Civil War Period
At the end of the 1830s, cotton was the big cash crop in northern Louisiana, with more than 2 million acres in production. In southern Louisiana's rich, black soil along the banks of bayous and the Mississippi River, cane ruled over 250,000 acres. By the Civil War, Louisiana had about 1,600 plantations large enough to have at least 50 slaves working on each. These plantations covered more than 40 percent of the land fit for farming. Plantations represented a sizable investment and an equally sizable return. In the 1850s, for example, sugar cane fields were worth as much as $100 an acre, while swamp land on the same estate was valued at $10 an acre. A sugar plantation might easily represent an investment of more than $200,000, including slaves and equipment. But the rate of return was a handsome 9 percent. The investment in a cotton plantation was cheaper because less skilled labor and fewer special tools were needed. A 1,500-acre cotton plantation would represent a total investment of about $100,000, and yield a 7 percent profit